The Orchid Society of California 2024 Membership Form

Mail your form and payment of $25.00 (individual) or $35.00 (Household) made payable to OSC, or bring it with you to the next Meeting.

Mail to: Orchid Society of California (Membership) PO Box 20272 Oakland, CA 94620-0272


!""New !""Renewal (Due by March 1, 2024)
Date: _____________________
Principal Name: __________________________________________ Phone: (____) ______________
Spouse or Significant Other: _________________________________ Mobile: (____) _____________
Address: __________________________________ City: ___________ State: ____ Zip: __________
E-Mail Address: ___________________________
Additional E-Mail: _________________________

Check the box if you do not want address, phone or e-mail in the new printed roster. !"Address: !"Phone: ! Mobile ! E-Mail Address: ! Additional E-Mail:

Orchid or garden related businesses are listed free for members.

Business Name: ____________________________________ Phone: (_____) ___________________

Product or service provided: __________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________ City: ______________________________________
State: ______________ Zip: _______________
E-Mail: ___________________________________

Website: ________________________________ Please complete the survey below.!"

2024 OSC Member Survey What and how do you grow your orchids?


What kind of orchids do you grow? _________________________ _____________________________

Check subjects for speaker topics you want to hear, add any not listed:

Conservation, Orchids culture, Rare/Endangered Orchids, How are orchids judged, Current Hybrid Trends, Orchids in the Bay Area, Other:_____________________________________________________________


Did you receive enough cultural information for your level of expertise? What can you suggest? __________________________________________________________________

Give us your impressions of last year, what would you change to improve the meetings. __________________________________________________________________ _______________


Would you be interested in short day trips (by bus) to POE/Hall of Flowers?